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Son of Hamas

One of the most amazing stories is that of Mosab Hassan Yousef: a Palestinian who worked under-cover as a spy for Israel’s Intelligence Agency – The Shin Bet.


Pastor Jack Schaap, pastor of the First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana, interviews Mosab Hassan Yousef (author of the book, Son of Hamas) on Thursday, July 22, 2010, in front of 7,000 youth workers and teenagers during a Youth Conference. This is Yousef’s first public interview after being granted political asylum in the United States.

Born in Ramallah in the West Bank, Yousef’s father, Sheikh Hassan Yousef, is a founding leader of Hamas, internationally recognized as a terrorist organization and responsible for many suicide bombings against Israel. Yousef played an important role of this movement, but after trusting Jesus Christ as his Saviour, he has embraced Christianity and has chosen to expose the secrets of the Islamic organization, risking everything, including his life.

Interview with Mosab Hassan Yousef


Since he was a small boy, Mosab Hassan Yousef has had an inside view of the deadly terrorist group Hamas. Young Mosab assisted his father for years in his political activities while being groomed to assume his legacy, politics, status . . . and power.

But everything changed when Mosab turned away from terror and violence, and embraced instead the teachings of another famous Middle East leader. In his book, Son of Hamas, Mosab Yousef–now called “Joseph”–reveals new information about the world’s most dangerous terrorist organization and unveils the truth about his own role, his agonizing separation from family and homeland, the dangerous decision to make his newfound faith public, and his belief that the Christian mandate to “love your enemies” is the only way to peace in the Middle East.



Son of Hamas

Son of Hamas (Kindle Edition)

Escape From Hamas DVD


The Qu’ran: It may be the most controversial book in the world. Some see it as a paean to peace, others call it a violent mandate for worldwide Islamic supremacy.
How can one book lead to such dramatically different conclusions?


New York Times bestselling author Robert Spencer reveals the truth in The Complete Infidel’s Guide to the Koran: not many Westerners know what’s in the Koran, since so few have actually read it — even among the legions of politicians, diplomats, analysts, and editorial writers who vehemently insist that the Koran preaches tolerance.


Now, Spencer unveils the mysteries lying behind this powerful book, guiding readers through the controversies surrounding the Koran’s origins and its most contentious passages. Stripping out the obsolete debates, Spencer focuses on the Koran’s decrees toward Jews, Christians, and other Infidels, explaining how they were viewed in Muhammad’s time, what they’ve supposedly done wrong, and most important, what the Koran has in store for them.

The Complete Infidel’s Guide To The Koran – Part 1


The Complete Infidel’s Guide To The Koran – Part 2


The Complete Infidel’s Guide To The Koran – Part 3


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