The time has come to face up to the truth,
whatever the consequences, those are the rules.
Nothing happens by luck or by chance,
the timing is perfect and your world is enhanced.

You’re reading this message because of a light,
that has guided you inward, to see toward what’s right.

Some of the travelers who get on this ride,
are not ready to see it, to think or decide.

They just need a push, a shove or a guide,
the great illusion is inward, and not just outside.
It’s the secret of life that flows in us all,
but why understand it and why climb this wall?

Nothing is simple as we hide under our beds,
all is a paradox and it’s all in our heads.

Fantasy is lucid on this trip through the dream,
the path travels inward ~ building high self esteem.

Overcoming all images of fear and of strife.
thought creates reality  …that’s the Mystery of Life!